Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 Bikini Challenge Rules

You MUST make videos. Even if they're just text videos. Make videos will keep you motivated. Youtube has help me lose so much weight and the trick is to keep making videos even when you gain. I only lost about 10 lbs in 2009, it was very frustrating, but I kept making videos.

6 Video Minimum. You need to have one starting weight video, one final video and at least 4 video updates. You can start whenever or post whenever. It's up to you. Challenge ends June 1st.

You don't have to make a video response to my videos. But you can if you'd like. Do whatever gets you the most views.

If you happen to gain, don't stop making your videos, please. Just stick through it and try to share what's going on. Remember you make videos for yourself and no one else.

Try not to wait for a response from me to get started. Do your own thing.

Be creative. And be supportive of all the other people in the challenge. It's nice to have encouragement and I love seeing when you all support each other so much.

Remember, I don't get to vote for the winner whatsoever. So lbs don't matter. It really IS a popularity contest. :D

Also, don't let haters get to you. These faceless youtube wannabes should have nothing to do with you and your weight loss.

Good luck! And stay positive. Find what works for you and stick to it.

Also- Be healthy!