Friday, February 25, 2011

This is YOU

This is YOU:

SW: 150

It's MONDAY and you want- no, NEED to lose 5 lbs by Saturday because you're going out with some friends you haven't seen in a while. You spend your ENTIRE WEEK focused on the 5 lbs, you eat, breath and think 5 lbs. Come Saturday, you've lost 3.5 lbs. You're a little dissappointed- because of course, your goal was 5 lbs in 5 days. (Which isn't likely, but not impossible) However, you worked your ass off and you're 3.5 lbs lighter than 4 days ago!

The evening went well last Saturday. You pigged out and ate like shit. That's cool. You get on the scale Sunday morning and you're up 1.5 lbs (Mostly because you've yet to shit the crappy food you just ate). Puts your weight loss at -2 lbs instead of -3.5, when -5 was the goal to begin with. Still, It's all good.

So, you decide to rest for a little while. Last week's eating healthy kicked your ass, and you'll just take a little break. But there was this ADORABLE guy there last Saturday and he just added you on facebook that night and you start chatting. He says "We should hang out sometime." and you say "Maybe, I'll let you know if I'm up for anything" (because you're playing hard to get). He tells you a few of his friends are going bowling Friday and you should stop by if you can.

BUT you just gained 1.5 lbs and the last way you want to be viewed is from behind. Soooo 5lbs again this time. But this time you're gonna lose it for sure! Oh, someone just brought home pizza, so you're starting TOMORROW. :D

This time you're thinking, it wouldn't kill you to the hit the gym. You plan on going to the gym for one hour every day that week. You go Monday, for- well, almost an hour. Then again Tuesday, this time for about 35 minutes. Wednesday you're sore as hell and there's NO WAY you're going to the dumb gym now. Thursday you don't make it to the gym because it's too cold outside and you just feel like going home. So you do some sit-ups and leg squats. Friday morning comes and you've lost 4 lbs! (Keep in mind 1.5 of those you had already lost last week, so you reallt lost 2.5 lbs).

That adorable guy, is now being a dick in front of his buds and you can't believe you made the trip out there. But you did have a nice conversation with of his friends. Plus you weren't the worst bowler, which only helps your cause...

So far it's been two weeks and you're now at 144. not too shabby, girl.