Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm not Oprah

"You may not feel like you've changed, because like you said, You only just recently gained weight, you don't know what it feels like to get picked on in elementary school, low confidence though high school. You have NO idea. So before you go and shatter your viewers dreams that they will still be STILL insecure and STILL be shy and lonely, REMEMBER that for some people the only thing stopping them from releasing is their WEIGHT. I have personally felt the difference when I lost 50 lbs. I was more confidence, less shy, and felt like I was able to get out there because I finally for ONCE in my life I felt comfortable with myself and my body and Because of that -- I didn't care what people thought anymore because I knew I was where I wanted to be and that made me come out of my shell . Losing weight CAN change you as a person, and change your outlook on life, so please don't tell people they will still be miserable and sad and what ever. I know you said you don't reply... and honestly I almost never comment. UNLESS...its something I feel very strongly about. I honestly don' t know for myself, but unless I was stuck in my shell my whole life, and the person I am now was hiding in there-- I dont know but losing weight really did make me come out and totally change as a person for the better."

~A viewer.

I won't say who this was because I honestly think she thought she was being sincere. This is one person's perspective.

Would it help you all if I said...




Sorry- I don't remember telling people they will be miserable and sad if they lose weight. I remember saying, any deep seeded issues you have won't magically disappear.

If you have confidence issues, you need to work on it NOW.
Not Later.

Let's chill out a little.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Don't like a 900 Calorie Diet?

I don't care.

Have a pop-tart- that'll put you at 1,200.

Or have a class of juice- BAM 1,200.

Have a health bar...

Getting the point?

Are we really going to keep going on and on about 1,200 calorie metabolism?

Don't like my diet plan? Add stuff to it- make it your own.

I need consistency. Something that will keep me on track- at least for the weekdays. Weekends I tend to be a little more lax.

Train your stomach- shrink it. Don't think about food.

DON'T keep a food diary- it just makes your hungry and it drives you CRAZY. "But a food diary helps me blah blah blah." Ok- awesome. And? If you've ever tried to keep one, how long has that lasted? A week- at best.

DON'T take diet pills. NO NO NO. They're super ineffective, they give you really nasty side effects and you end up wasting time and money. Although it seems like you may be losing weight the first week- it's all lies. And you won't keep it off.

DON'T become a crazy wannarexic knowing you weigh 160+ You'll get there soon enough, if you constantly watch 95lb girl thinspo, it just gets more and more frustrating if you aren't seeing results a certain week. Stick to your 10lbs increments.

spread out losing 10 lbs over a month. That's just silly. Way to say "I'm too afraid to push myself, and don't want to be dissappointed, so I'll let this weight stay on me as long as possible."
Let me ask you- how long have you been on a diet? Forever? I thought so.

DON'T stop making videos! Videos and youtube keeps you going. Best part about it- it's FREE. Speaking of free...

DON'T buy bullshit you see on tv or in stores: workout dvds, equipment, diet plan systems, atkins book. There's a ton of FREE information online. It's hard not too. I really want to get that Shakeweight dumb thing- but I won't. I'll try reeeeally hard not to.

DON'T starve yourself. You won't last that long and your weight loss WILL NOT be permanent. Fasting is a "healthy" way of saying starve. And even if you do fast- make sure you easy into it. Not BINGE because it's your last day before the fast.

DON'T BINGE- My biggest problem ever. I eat a lot! A ton! Ask Phil. I eat so much and it's disgusting how much I can put away. But then doing that puts my weight loss at a stand still for a few days and then maybe in a few days I can start from square one. If you've been reeeally good, it's ok to be bad once in a while. But not ONCE A WEEK. Or once a day (after midnight) like me. How many of you out there are late night eaters? I was on the phone with Manny0219 a few weeks ago, and it was 3am, she was like "What are you doing?" and I said "Making mac and cheese". And I ate the whole thing on the phone too. A mac and cheese box is 3-4 servings. Just cause it's all in one BOWL doesn't make it one serving. :(

DON'T complain about being fat. EVER. Guys hate this particularly and it just irritates most people. It makes them feel forced to say something they may not really think like "No, you're not fat." If you think you're fat, hearing you're not won't make it better. Then why mention it. I say it to Phil all the time. But it is really annoying. I've dated some guys who have said "Man, I love how you just never complain about your body. You're just confident" When really I'm not, I just don't say it aloud. Well to Phil now cause I feel comfortable enough with him. Recently he told me not to complain anymore if I'm going to keep eating like shit. He said "I don't think you're fat- but if you think you're fat, fix it!"
Doesn't this thong look like it should be facing the other way? And on a man?^^

What else could I say? Isn't my puppy sooo cute??

I am running out of DON'Ts. I won't make any DOs cause you can DO whatever you want. As long as you DON'T do those things ^