Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Have you heard of this new thing called FITSPO?

Thin is so out and FIT is in! This is amazing because now people can focus more on their physical health in addition to their appearance.

I haven't updated this blog in FOREVER and I will try to post something several times a week if possible.


Tomorrow will be 3 weeks post-op and just 2 days ago the pain have decrease severely. I am not in constant agony like before. The swelling has gone down significantly and the implants are starting to drop into place. I think the size is PERFECT for my body. I will do a body shot soon so you guys can see. I am measuring at a DDD. However, people are guessing my cup size to be C/D in clothes. Exactly what I wanted.

Bad News: Immediately after surgery I weighed in at 132! Holy fuck, I hadn't seen that number in years. Most of it was due to swelling, constipation from percocets and doing very little activity.

Today I weighed in at 127. The implants are an additional 2-3 lbs. So I am slowly getting back to the weight I was previously.

The important thing to me now is being FIT- Total body reconstruction. Getting stronger, leaner and more solid. It looks better, it's healthier and it feels so good to be active!

How hot is this?!