Monday, April 26, 2010

WOW! ~ Thanks!~

I'm absolutely floored on how many wonderful, helpful and just plain fantastic responses I received on my last video- the one where I was stressing over work.

Don't take this offensively you guys, but I am quite SHOCKED on how many bright, intelligent people you are. The comments on this video were so insightful and I am truly thankful to have so many support when I felt like I REEEEEEEALLY needed it, like last week.

I am glad to say I feel much better and more at ease. I am not going to let work get a hold over me anymore.

The only way I can ever truly do anything is by psyching myself out. Weight loss and all- tricks I play on myself to make myself think working out really IS fun or I DON'T need seconds for dinner. My new one, for work, is "There IS no bonus". This is my last week for the month and it's looking good! :D But I'm done. I'm done worrying- just plain done.

THANK YOU! Really. I am never one to give a false compliment, I received so many great responses I wouldn't even know how to begin to thank each and every person. (Especially my pals who made video responses- how cool is that!)

I want to open up the conversation lines a little bit. Not just this weight loss stuff- weight is only 1 part of who you are. And is it really who you are? I want to pick your brains! About EVERYTHING! Money, sex, school, work, life, love- ALL. I feel so much closer to everyone now. believe it or not I only give surface info to most. I wouldn't have even discussed that with a friend! But I told you all!

Let's open the topics and get our minds off scales for a bit...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Goal

My new goal weight is 118lbs. Mainly because I know I won't stay there and I am hoping to fall in the 120-124lbs range. 126 will be my max.

I'm currently 128, so I have exactly 10 lbs to go.

It's getting increasingly more difficult to lose. Sometimes I wish I were 180 again and be able to lose 10,15,20 lbs in a month.

People get on my case a lot but don't seem to realize I've only really lost about 15 lbs in the last year.

We can't become complacent. People say "You look fine! Why keep losing?"

Well, because I started something I want to finish.

How easy would it have been to have stopped at 140 or 150.

The reason I push myself so hard is because it becomes harder and harder to lose as you go. Plateaus, people telling you you look good, you thinking you look good and take a break and gain 5 lbs in a few weeks.

Don't start something you can't finish. Don't make promises you can't keep, especially to yourself.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bikram Yoga

We have a quarterly schedule change based on performance. I'm excited to see my rank tomorrow. Hopefully I am in the top 20. Its out of 150+ people and 30% of your score is senority.

We'll see! Anyway, this means I would get top pick on my new shift. Right now I do evening shifts, which makes it difficult to see Phil after he gets home from work. I'm going to go for regular 8-5 as my top choice. There's 7,8,9,10am shifts so I have a very good chance of landing one of those.

I am mostly excited because this gives me some time to do things I usually want to do when Phil's here (he's the one with a car).

YOGA- I am going to try Bikram yoga again. I used to do it a ton back in Buffalo when I first started on my weight loss journey. Once I lost 17lbs in a 3 weeks just by going. It tones you like crazy. I am excited to start, it's expensive here. I think about $20-$25 a class. But it's worth it.

Anyone up for going with me in the area? I'd go to the Columbia, MD site.

I like morning yoga, but I think I could only be able to do evening classes. My new schedule will take affect May 3rd. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

At 185 I used to be able to do this backward bend pretty well... I think I have a video of when I first learned it.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bikini Challenge Turnout


The turnout for this contest is AMAZING!!! People are popping out of the woodwork, old and new..

I'm so so so so so proud of EVERYONE who is joining AND especially those people who are making a video for the first time and it's in a BIKINI!

Way to have balls! I absolutely LOVE IT. I wore a bikini at 190 to the beach, who cares? Don't wanna look? Close your eyes. I want you all to fee comfortable and LOVE yourself no matter what. There is more to people than appearance and losing weight shouldn't be the MOST IMPORTANT thing. Although it is pretty up there for many of us, myself included.

Right now I'm trying to figure out a way to keep track of everyone's progress. Maybe a forum? Any ideas?

I'm going to keep my own chart- If you say you're in, your ass IN! And you BETTER make a video before the 15th!

I'll make a list of usernames on here and if you drop or leave the contest I'll put a big fat X, by your name. It's not too late! You still have time!!!

WORK IT! Like this girl below, she looks amazing.

One more thing you guys, DON'T workout AND have 900 calories at the same time. It's crazy. I did 900 calories in summer of 2008. But I am more active now so I eat more because I burn more. What's MOST important is that you BURN more than you eat. Please be healthy.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cheerleader Envy and BMI Charts

Ok, so last night we got some free tickets to the Wizards game. My family was visiting from Orlando for the weekend. Phil's sister's husband does their PR which is pretty awesome.

The cheerleaders- they weren't all that great but their bodies were very nice. I was majorly jealous. They were all like 5'8-5'10 and teenie. You can't really compare your body to someone else because we all lose and gain in different areas. I'm sure they all had pretty similar stats as far as height,weight, measurements, etc. But they were all different shapes, torso length, musculature.

Anyway, I was majorly jealous because they were shaking around and all and NOT JIGGLING. I want that. You could tell they work out like crazy. Well, compared to me at least. Phil said I kept staring at them. I told him I wanted implants. Which I usually half-jokingly mention from time to time.

I went from a D to a small B cup. :( AND- My boobs were perkier when I was bigger.

Here's a picture of my brother, Patrick, with one of the cheerleaders.


It has everything you need to know. It's a very thorough BMI calculator. Tells you everything you need to know- calorie intake/activity level. What lines you should and should not cross.

*** Note: The daily calorie intake on that site will never tell you to have less than 1200 calories. So if you do get 1,200, it's probably lower. So just increase your activity or decrease your calories.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bikini Challenge Contest

Yay! It's the 3rd Annual Bikini Contest!

I am doing this challenge because it's everyone favorite and it's the biggest one really. Two months. April 1st-June1st. Can't join contest end of it after April 15th to make it fair.

There will be two winners and we will all get to vote on the winner.

I thought about prizes and I know it might be hoaky, but I will buy each winner $100 worth of swim wear from Victoria's Secret (wherever else they'd like). Or maybe gift card or something. But it's $100 of free swim stuff! Who doesn't want that?!


Doesn't matter how many subscribers you have.
Doesn't matter how much weight you lose.

You have to make a post at least once a week- 6 minimum.
You must have a goal weight in mind by the end of the challenge.
You MUST do body shots, not just your gorgeous faces!
Make it fun and exciting- not like my boring old videos.
I won't pick the winners, I only pick who qualifies to be voted on at the end.
Then I'll make a video letting everyone know who that is.

I know 312897124098124 will tell me their joining and only 3 will actually do these things.

SO- Prove me wrong! Are you in?

Send me a message on Youtube.

Here are the swimsuits I'm looking to get this summer: