Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So you've been working out and eating right and everything seems to be going as planned. Mainly you know because of how miserably tired and hungry you feel.

You get on the scale thinking "I must've lost at least 100 lbs this week."

But then you're +2 lbs or +5 lbs. After a big WTF and getting on again. Nothing. You take the scale battery out and put it back in- HA! The scale is your arch nemesis and your best friend. That bitch!

Oh well, time to give up. You've tried as hard as you can and this is a serious plateau, there's not much else you can do.

HA! If you agreed to the above statement, you are NOT ready to lose weight. Most weeks you lose, but others you gain. It's inevitable.

But here's a trick- wait for a big poop! jk.

There is no trick. Just keep doing what your doing, if your plateau is making you become frenemies with your scale, try something different.

BUT I LIKE ROUTINE! Pick a new routine, cut a little more carbs or workout a little longer.

You know they say when you work out you gain muscle so you should never weigh yourself anyway? It's semi true. It's good to measure and see how stuff fits, but don't stop weighing in.

I gained 2 lbs this week- GRRrrr- but in a couple days I could lose 4lbs- just waiting on that really big poop!


  1. Sometimes it really does all boil down to poop. I've lost a pound or two after a big dump in the morning. :-P

  2. u kno a poop can's good to release. it can make a big difference sometimes :D

  3. heey, this is CryDryTears from youtube..
    I have a problem. My account is permanently disabled! I don't know why. I can't log in, my last videos are still on though, but no success in signing in.
    I wanted to send you a message to thank you for this challenge. It really kicked my butt into gear. I never did it for the reward.. I did it for myself.
    However, I want to pull out of the challenge. I don't have time to do the challenge right now. I have exams, and I don't have the time to dedicate myself to weight loss at this moment. I won't stop my journey.. but right now, I can't.
    I just wanted you to know! <3
    - Maya

  4. ha ha i needed to read this, after a month of being stuck in a fucking plateu lol and almost on the verge of saying FUK THIS i have incorporated weights into my work outs and u know what,it's freaking working lol ive only lost one pound this week but im certanly not giving up i will be in the high 120's by my birthday (which is in 5 months and im 155 right now so its more than doable).. AND ON A SIDE NOTE :girl thanks for having this blog, it's the only place where i can speak about my weight loss and kinda brag on how hard ive worked my ass off to lose 20lbs and how hard im planning to work to lose the rest of this weight, all of my suppose gf's are a bunch of haters and try to encorage me to eat MCDONALDS fuck that and fuck them lol im not going to let n e thing stop me from what ive already started so thanks alot chick!

  5. LOL- LOVE IT ^

  6. I was upset that I'd gained weight only to relieve myself, and realise I'd lost 1kg in the space of 5 minutes.

    Another thing is don't beat yourself up, it's not all about calories because we also have to take in the sheer weight of what we are eating, if you drink a litre of water, know that inside you that's gonna be 1kg of weight ('til you pee it out).

    That's what anoerexics do to prevent their starvation secrets being detected when weighed.

    I'm just saying, sometimes it's not eating badly, sometimes it's literally the weight of what you're eating.

  7. Really needed this post, I was in no way thinking of giving up-never-but man it's annoying. I have been upping my exercise like no ones business...guess it's time to cut down on the food :)