Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Work from Home Woes

I love my job. I do extremely well, it comes very easily to me. Thankfully, business has been as good as the economy bad. I am a certified Financial Fitness Coach for one of the top debt consolidation companies. The pay is great. I am making over double what I made in Buffalo on BASE salary alone. Not including, comission, incentives and bonuses. Financially, things are looking up for Phil and I. The apartment set us back a bit. They required 2 months deposit + October rent + November rent was due the 1st. $8,000 in a month, bye-bye. Not keeping in mind furnishing, setting up utilities, food & new work clothes.

But finally, now, we are almost there in terms of furniture. We've painted the dining room and living room. Bought a nice sofa set and I finally set up my home office before Christmas after in house training for two months. So far so good! We actually are starting to get our first few paychecks where nothing else is due. Only took 3 months. >.>

My job, I can't complain. I chose an evening schedule so I could have weekends off. Morning schedules require you to work one weekend day. But having Phil at work all day and getting home to me at work all evening is not much fun. I don't drive because I don't have a car because I'm from NYC where you don't NEED a car. I do have my license! Hopefully I'll get a little something further down the line when it's more necessary. As of now, I can only count on Phil to take me anywhere I need to go. The places we end up frequenting are Walmart and fastfood.

It used to be I'd find any excuse to leave the apartment, like walk around the club house, visit the gym. Now I feel so lazy before work, I don't want to do anything. I just want to lay around until I absolutely HAVE to go in the office and work. I need to find something to do before hand. A hobby or something to keep me busy. Any suggestions?

Please don't ask for any work from home jobs. I'm not stuffing envelopes and it's not part-time. You have to live in the state of Maryland or California, or find someway to live there for 2 months while in training. You need a bachelor's degree and experiences in sales. It's an actual career, not get rich quick scheme or gimmick or something you can do while watching your kids from home. I'll be more than happy to refer people if this is the case. :D

Friday, January 15, 2010

Question on my Ethnicity

I know this will open up a whole new can of worms- but let's.

My response to this is the best I could give on my own behalf- I can't speak for anyone else on the subject.

This is a question from a very good friend here on YouTube:

I love your videos and find your weight loss inspirational!
My question is concerning your ethnicity... I know it doesnt matter too much, I'm just curious about why you so vehemently deny having any african ancestory? You say you're Dominican, and I beleive that is true but you look African American, frankly. You could have knocked me over with a feather when you mentioned in one of your videos that you arent black. I felt slightly offended about it, actually... I know you dont give a shit about anyones hurt feelings, but I'm curious. You must know that many of your subscribers are African American! 90% of Domicans are part African, you know! Its ok if you dont answer this question, its a touchy subject, and actually, I may have answered it myself, but any of your thoughts on the matter would be appreciated. ^_^

I replied:
What matter? I'm Dominican, we are all kinds of races- especially African. I still don't understand what you're asking....

"Black" (a term I hate) for us means African American (another term I hate)- we usually don't want to be confused with being African-American because our cultures are so different.
Am I black? Yeah.
African American? No.

Blacktina like some people called it. It doesn't really make a difference to me, but our culture is so instilled in us we want to make sure we know others know too, it's a pride thing I guess.

I've read a lot on this topic and different opinions and views. I feel like it's not a disassociation with being black- but more so one with being American.
AT least for me, I can't speak for others.

Just as if a European immigrant comes here- you can call them white, they're white wherever they are in the world. But they're just NOT American.

I'm from NYC- so anyone I know who comes here from other countries, make it known what country you are from. IE Jamaican, Russian, Haitian.

I LOVE everything in me that's African- you know how bland I'd be without it?

Good question- I didn't mean to offend people, just let them know where I was from. My race is Hispanic- or Latino (some people prefer one term over the other). My ancestry is primarily African- not "black".

It's just a words game.

I should probably think out my responses better. You can call me anti-American, which a lot of the time I can be in some cases, for example: Government.

I wasn't sure what pic to put in here, but here's me and my sis at New Year's. :D

Friday, January 8, 2010


Just recently I was told by a viewer that my weight loss was discouraging because I lost in a day what she loses in a week. So she will no longer be watching my videos.


Guess I'll roll up in a ball and cry my eyes out.

But in all seriousness, why should my weight loss have such a negative impact on someone else's life? Should I not lose as much, or even gain 20-30lbs to make someone else feel better about them self? It is apparent that the problem isn't me. I don't compare my weight loss to others. Any loss is good, whether it takes you a day or a year. I don't rock back and forth in a corner and cry when I see someone lose 20lbs a week on biggest loser.

People, grow up.

I mentioned in a video that I like to start a new challenge with laxative tea or maybe I should've said Green Tea, so it may have sounded like a healthy choice. Green tea sends you to the bathroom. Now I'm just some wannarexic laxative abuser who starves herself? Right...

I posted EVERYTHING on my blog- I don't know what else people are waiting for.

WHERE ARE THOSE BERRIES????? HUH- where are those magic berries I'm taking that I'm OBVIOUSLY keeping a secret from everyone because there's something else I must be doing other than what I've already mentioned.

Every magazine you buy in the store is FILLED with exercise and diet tips. Why don't you just do that?

Or fast with a lemonade diet?

Or do 1,000 crunches a day for a week until your abs are shreded.

The reason many of you don't do these things is because it is painful, and hard. Sorry but, I like to eat what I eat. If I know I'm on a diet, or challenge I eat less of my normal food.

Is that so hard? I don't eat salads, I HATE salads.

I don't eat 5 meals a day so I can take 4 shits a day either. I want to shrink my stomach, not make it bigger.


I've tried it all.

This is what works for me. I'm not going to change it because it makes you cry or feel bad etc. Find what works for YOU!