Friday, January 8, 2010


Just recently I was told by a viewer that my weight loss was discouraging because I lost in a day what she loses in a week. So she will no longer be watching my videos.


Guess I'll roll up in a ball and cry my eyes out.

But in all seriousness, why should my weight loss have such a negative impact on someone else's life? Should I not lose as much, or even gain 20-30lbs to make someone else feel better about them self? It is apparent that the problem isn't me. I don't compare my weight loss to others. Any loss is good, whether it takes you a day or a year. I don't rock back and forth in a corner and cry when I see someone lose 20lbs a week on biggest loser.

People, grow up.

I mentioned in a video that I like to start a new challenge with laxative tea or maybe I should've said Green Tea, so it may have sounded like a healthy choice. Green tea sends you to the bathroom. Now I'm just some wannarexic laxative abuser who starves herself? Right...

I posted EVERYTHING on my blog- I don't know what else people are waiting for.

WHERE ARE THOSE BERRIES????? HUH- where are those magic berries I'm taking that I'm OBVIOUSLY keeping a secret from everyone because there's something else I must be doing other than what I've already mentioned.

Every magazine you buy in the store is FILLED with exercise and diet tips. Why don't you just do that?

Or fast with a lemonade diet?

Or do 1,000 crunches a day for a week until your abs are shreded.

The reason many of you don't do these things is because it is painful, and hard. Sorry but, I like to eat what I eat. If I know I'm on a diet, or challenge I eat less of my normal food.

Is that so hard? I don't eat salads, I HATE salads.

I don't eat 5 meals a day so I can take 4 shits a day either. I want to shrink my stomach, not make it bigger.


I've tried it all.

This is what works for me. I'm not going to change it because it makes you cry or feel bad etc. Find what works for YOU!


  1. you know I have to say that i totally agree with you. what works for some works for them. my friends have been all on my ass about this lemonade diet but it's what works for me so ... i guess you're right.

  2. You couldn't have said it any better.

  3. TearsNoMore I have been watching your vids for a long time. Yeap most people are looking for a magic pill and most folks are too lazy to go back and see it took you several months to loose all of your weight! You have also shared on video and blogged repeatedly about your method. Believe me even if you said every single thing you put in your mouth someone will have something ridiculous to say.

    I admire your courage, outspokeness and dedication. Keep doing what you do and keep the videos coming! That chick that said she was unsubscribing, she has a lot to learn. She definitely should tune into Biggest Loser this season.

    By the way I have lots of weight to loose, you are an inspiration, but NOT my motivation, I have to find that in myself. And yes, to your point some of those folks, esp on YouTube are pretty retarded ha ha.

  4. You shouldn't let a few negative people steal your sunshine. This was a very negative post and that is just not like you. I hope you will cheer up and don't let these nay-sayers get you down.

    Stay strong. Stay positive! :-)

  5. I'm a loyal subbie to your videos and I read that exact comment and thought WTF?! It is not YOUR responsibility or job to be a "role model" to your subscibers. I don't get why people who watch others videos and sub, but don't agree with the opinions, practicies or choices even waste their time?? Really? YT doesn't pay your bills, neither do subbies. At then end of the day you are documenting YOUR weightloss journey and it's your perogative to do it however the hell you want! It is showing how you do it! It is not meant to be a guide, or specific plan for someone else to follow. Your goes, no matter how realistic, un realistic, bat shit crazy whatvever they may be they arw YOUR goals. She was immature and whiny. I watch many videos and if I don't agree with or like the content I unsub, or click off, not complain. You are not a dietician, professional, counselor, guru or leader in any journey to weight loss. You are doing YOU and what works for YOU while documenting it for others. Whether someone agrees with your methods, eating habits or plan, doesn't mean shit.At the end of the day, you gotta look in that mirror, so who gives a fuck what a hater or nay sayer has to say! It's about results. At one time you were fat, now your skinny enough??? if that ain't some bullshit I don't know what is! I'm rooting for you! :)

  6. all i got to say is you can't please everybody, so do you! losing 4lbs a day,she wish she can do that! some ppl need to grow up.
    keep going girl i'm with you, i'm starting my challenge this weekend

  7. I just saw the blog where Ms. Thing was talking about me and I didn't appreciate all this bad talk about me. Obviously people misunderstood what I said on YouTube towards the video to TearNoMore87...First Your weight loss had no affect on me, I was just expressing my feelings on how fast you were losing. If you can lose that much weight that fast, that's your business. I know that what works for me may no work for someone else, I have been on a learning journey throughout my life so I know enough about dieting and picking the one that works for me...I have been watching The Biggest Loser and that's what I'm doing for all who don't know, I'm doing the biggest loser program. If you had something to say to me or clarified what I meant in the comments you should've messaged me...because I didn't mean no harm to what I said. It wasn't personal.

    I just wanted to share that I commend you for finding something that works for you and you're losing weight, I just don't want to be subscribed to you, because your type of weight loss is too fast and I'm looking to get support from someone who's on a realistic meal plan that I can learn more from.

    Keep in mind that when it comes to diet and weight loss you never stop learning...but I learned enough to finally find something that works for me.

    I didn't think you was gonna take it that personally to the point of talking about me everywhere else besides talking to me.

    But you know what, it's all good do you and I'll do should've never went that far and if you can't take constructive critism, then that's on you, not on me. And if Ms. Thing didn't realise I was also congradulating her for her weight loss, I just think it's an unhealthy way to lose. Plus how I'm the only one you wrote about when there were other people saying the same thing, you should've added them to your blog.

    The only one that took it personal is you, I don't think I said anything wrong or did anything was already in the past for me, I was done with it, the fact that you're dwelling on it and everybody else was dwelling on it that's yall problem not mine.

  8. yeah I saw that comment too and it bugged me...No offense or anything but I saw her profile and if she was trying hard enough she would be losing more weight b/c she is kinda...overweight...Don't let them get to you...You look fucking awesome and fuck her lol.

  9. Do what works for you, so what if you loss One viewer. If it work for "YOU" know that you are doing something right.

  10. People are really nuts, I see LastChance4Me2Lose said she was unsubscribing but proceeded to come to this blog and write a lengthy comment (posted Jan 9 @ 11:44 pm). Umm LastChance, TearsNoMore can speak for herself but if you read the article above you would notice she didn't only reference what you said but she also referenced the other neg comments. If you done with it & her why are you still commenting? Why are you now coming ove to her Blog??

    The truth is, when TearsNoMore was 200 lbs, everyone rooted her on, even though she lost weight THE SAME WAY as now! Now that she is "skinny" I notice a lot of negativity all over her page. THIS IS NOT a coincidence. Nothing wrong with giving opinions, this is a free country, but yes, LastChance your initial comment sounded EXTREMELY negative. Perhaps YOU should have been the one sending the personal message because clearly YOU were the one with the 'problem'. Or even better just UNSUBSCRIBE?? Why would she have to send you a personal message? She responded directly to you then said peace?? Just like you expressed yourself she came to HER PERSONAL blog to express herself? And you then followed to her blog and commented some more?

    Tears please keep DOING YOU! Like I said, NO coincidence so many people are now "concerned" with your method of weight loss. YOU LOOK AMAZING and you did what works for YOUR BODY! There are a MILLION weight loss YouTube channels, and we all have the power to click to ANY one of them at ANY given time. AND click AWAY from them AND SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE whenever we please, that's what is so great about freedom of choice! SHM!

  11. Haha- Some of you should consider becoming attornies. Thanks for the support!

  12. I'm annoyed after reading all those comments. Everyone's a fucking weight loss expert and wants to tell you how wrong your weight loss methods are...when the reason they're watching your videos is because they want to lose weight themselves.

  13. Hey girl [I'm Kanding on youtube, you know the one who said "fast days" without meaning it]!

    I agree with persons who say that everyone has is own diet (I mean, I already lost 5 pouds in a week and I'm not dead), so just keep up what you do.

    And lol, I'm currently doing law studies, and smiled a lot when I saw the arguments of each persons (pros and cons). I should read diet blog more often, I'm sure it helps a lot for studies xD Good attornies there!

    Keep up the good work ;)

  14. "The truth is, when TearsNoMore was 200 lbs, everyone rooted her on, even though she lost weight THE SAME WAY as now! Now that she is "skinny" I notice a lot of negativity all over her page. THIS IS NOT a coincidence."

    Exactly! I've read about this a lot and have experienced this with friends and family. 100% encouragement and then somehow it turns into an unspoken competition. In person it's more of a passive aggressive way, I'm sure online it's a lot more outspoken. I have friends that subconsciously try to sabotage my efforts & feel left out, hurt, jealous, etc. when I lose weight and they don't. Sigh.

  15. yea some peoples comments were retarded but others have a good point on the later effect of having a too low of a calorie intake.. by doing 1200 cal and workin out 3x aweek you can def. lose a 1-2lb a week and keep it off permanently ...sure you wont lose weight as fast but atleast you'll avoid a plateau or even worst weight gain after you reach your goal and try to return ur calories to normal numbers. i mean you don't want to live on 800 cal for the rest of ur life? or become like oprah and have very little thyroid function. and its obvious that your diet isn't working for YOU or you wouldnt need to do a drastic bikini challenge so how about spending more time doing research

  16. this post is such bull crap.. you dont care!?!? then why are you telling people how to lose the way you did. you need a reality check quick cause ur not damaging yourself your also teaching people how to destroy their bodies.. umm ever heard of your endocrine system.. maybe if you did things to enhance ur metabolism/endocrine system instead of eating crap and starving ur body maybe you would have had a permanent weightloss.... maybe u should think about that before posting ur poison!

  17. i love reading ur blog and watching your videos, but ur so negative lately hun....can u please go back to the old u? lol

  18. You were way lovelier when you were obese. Now you're becoming an angry skinny bitch. Please have a cheeseburger or something, or even try to have a little more sex it might relax you and prevent you from posting crappy articles.
    Have a lovely day and keep slimming...I meant...SMILING! ;)


  20. Hi, I would like to tell you that you are such a strong person and possess so much will power. You are truly an inspiration and as I continue to watch your videos on youtube, it gives me the discipline to do better each day. I used to weigh 135 pounds...I now weigh 220 pound. Watching your videos has made me:PUT THE CHEESEBURGERS DOWN!!!. Anyway I love your diet plan and will be starting on February 5th, as I do not have the exact foods as you, however I do plan to stop eating after 6pm. One thing I would like to know? What exercises did you do along with your diet? If any?

  21. anmweyyyyy!!!! sak gen larrr

  22. yuh PPl totally need 2 grow up && stop pickin on TEARSNOMORE87 fukkn h8trz!!! @ TEARSNOMORE87 keep up the good work ur lookn great hun!!

  23. I think just the opposite of whoever said your rapid weight loss was discouraging. It's actually encouraging that you were able to lose so much so quickly. Because of that you are my favorite YouTube weight loss vlogger.