Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm not Oprah

"You may not feel like you've changed, because like you said, You only just recently gained weight, you don't know what it feels like to get picked on in elementary school, low confidence though high school. You have NO idea. So before you go and shatter your viewers dreams that they will still be STILL insecure and STILL be shy and lonely, REMEMBER that for some people the only thing stopping them from releasing is their WEIGHT. I have personally felt the difference when I lost 50 lbs. I was more confidence, less shy, and felt like I was able to get out there because I finally for ONCE in my life I felt comfortable with myself and my body and Because of that -- I didn't care what people thought anymore because I knew I was where I wanted to be and that made me come out of my shell . Losing weight CAN change you as a person, and change your outlook on life, so please don't tell people they will still be miserable and sad and what ever. I know you said you don't reply... and honestly I almost never comment. UNLESS...its something I feel very strongly about. I honestly don' t know for myself, but unless I was stuck in my shell my whole life, and the person I am now was hiding in there-- I dont know but losing weight really did make me come out and totally change as a person for the better."

~A viewer.

I won't say who this was because I honestly think she thought she was being sincere. This is one person's perspective.

Would it help you all if I said...




Sorry- I don't remember telling people they will be miserable and sad if they lose weight. I remember saying, any deep seeded issues you have won't magically disappear.

If you have confidence issues, you need to work on it NOW.
Not Later.

Let's chill out a little.


  1. hiii let me see if i understand u ... you arent anorexic or bulimic.. and u lost more of 60 lbs just eating 800-900 cal... how much calories do you eatted... 1200 or 800??? kiss and goob job congratulatioonss plizz answers me in my blog

  2. So wait how did you exactly loose the pounds lol I'm confused...

  3. This is muslimahstar81 (now increasingmyiman) from YT.

    I can kinda understand what "A viewer" is saying. I gained weight (a lot), and I can say that yes my life would be 100x better than it is now because it would eliminate the very dangerous and destructive self hatred I have for letting myself get fat again.

    BUT... losing weight will not eliminate my anxiety issues, my inability to cope with stress, my agoraphobia (fear of being in large places like shopping centers, etc).

    BUT... my weight DOES exacerbate the above issues.

    Losing weight will not eliminate those issues, but of course being physically healthy always helps you feel capable of overcoming obstacles.

    It's a mistake to think that losing weight will just make everything in your life come together, though. Because most people who lose massive amounts of weight (I'm not talking about 10, 30, 60lbs here - I'm talking about 100, 200lbs here) tend to see the other issues they had come to the forefront, or they develop new issues.

    Gastric Bypass patients often develop drug and alcohol issues, cuz at the core of their beings they are ADDICTS. Losing weight does not cure the addiction and dysfunction - so it manifests in another way.

    Losing weight WILL make your life better. Being physically fit and active WILL make navigating the world easier. You'll have more confidence, of course. Cuz things will be easier. BUT you are still going to have the same character, the same mental issues, and the same dysfunctions you had as a fat person. Because the fat is just a physical manifestation of your issues. When you lose weight, it will be like the curtain is dropping. Your issues and dysfunction will be EVEN MORE exposed because they can't hide behind your weight.

  4. It's amazing how seriously people take the internet. I do understand where this veiwer is coming from but.. she's not your mom, your BFF, your counciler, your trainer, your.. you fill in the blank. She isn't responsible for what YOU do. As far as I know she hasn't gone to school to be some weight loss nutrionist whatever you wanna call it. So why put all the pressure on her like she's gotta hold your hand and take care of you like that? I mean come on now.

    Just some word of advice though from my experiece. I was over weight as a child.. when I was a freshman I was 220 lbs. I was always picked on, never really had friends. I decided to lose weight I got down to 120 lbs. YES i was totally 100% more confident in myself and made "friends". Guys started talking to me a lot. It felt great.

    Now it's been 4 years since then.. and looking back? Yeah I totally think you should take care of your body and be as healthy and fit as possible. But if someone doesn't like you because of simply your fat WHY WOULD YOU WANT THEM TO BE YOUR FRIEND ANYWAY?!!!

    Being skinny shouldn't be your one and only goal in life. If you know you need to lose weight, then just do it. It takes a lot of time and engery.. but you can't base your actions or results because of what someone else posted online, or says to you face to face. It's your life, do what YOU have to do to get YOU to where YOU want to be and don't let ANYONE hold you back.

    Good luck!

  5. oh i thought this was oprah comeenti