Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where the FUCK have I been?!!!

Haha- Working.
Maintaining my weight has been a pretty consistent. Sometimes I'm around 124 and other times I'm at 120. I didn't spend too much time in the 110's, maybe one day I will be in that group, however I'm in no rush. I'm a size zero, my boobs are tinier than they've ever been and my ass is non-existent. BAH- it is what it is.

I'll address this one thing because for some reason I've been getting a lot of questions about it. Usually the question sounds something like this:

"I heard ____ types of food will help in weight loss. I am planning on doing something starting ___ day. Did you ever eat ___?"

Sorry guys, there is NOTHING I have done that I haven't already said. If you ask me different types of questions hoping I'll say YES! I FORGOT- I ATE THAT! won't really get much of a response.

I counted calories. All I did. Ate all the foods I normally ate. Just counted calories. Nothing special or special foods or specific exercise routines.

Don't OVERTHINK it. Just DO IT. You can spend HOURS planning out your steps to achieve weight loss success. Yes, it's very very ambitious. But how many times have you done it in the past? Don't start Tuesday, or next month or new years. Start now!

What are you waiting for?

I know some of you who are my facebook friends have already seen my costume...


  1. how tall are you? You look great for being 120ish lb! I have been slacking oh so bad with all these papers and finals coming up... gotta get back when finals are over in 2 weeks!

  2. lol this is adorable... ive been following your progress and have to say hats off to your major success!!!

  3. Haha! Good to see somebody strayed away from the sexy bunny, kitty, nurse, etc. costume this halloween. LOL

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  5. Ultra inspiring.... I think alot of us like to dwell on what we will achieve in the future than to do things at the present moment that will help us get there. So true....

  6. hahaha!!!! I love the costume!

  7. Omgosh are you engaged??

    Btw, such a cool costume, love green and the turtles - they're not bad themselves :P

    Well it's much better than :

    Sexy *insert character here*

    elf, nurse, witch, girl etc

  8. I have been trying to find your facebook but cant find it :(

  9. can u tell me what ur facebook is ? Ive been following ur blog forever!!

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  11. Hi, my name in Sandy and im very interested in knowing how you did it, how you lost the weight??? If you can please contact me that would be awesome

    P.S Your youtube clips inspired me. you look great!!!

  12. Hi tears no more!!!! I've been home sick the last couple of days, which gave me the time to browse youtube and I found your awesome blog/journey. I have poked around a bunch on your videos, yet I can't find one that details your calories/diet as well as what your doing for cardio/workouts.
    I too have been on this challenge most of my life between 150-120 and I'm over it and want to settle in around 125, give of take a few lb's.
    Just was curious as to what your guidelines were for yourself to get you in your bad ass figure :-)
    Thank you for your time my dear :)