Monday, March 1, 2010

No Energy

Lately I've felt like I've had no energy to do anything. I was going to start a challenge for March... well I still can and make myself do it. But I don't feel on board. I was going to do like a 10 day Toning Challenge. See how much I can tone in 10 days.

Why 10 days? Well it's short and quick, and it makes me work harder for a shorter period of time. If I do 30 days it'll never get done.

But I lack so much energy lately, it's frustrating. I'm usually pumped for my challenges. Maybe I'm getting my period? Who knows. I'm all sore like I've been doing stuff, but I really haven't. I've had Phil apply IceyHot to my back on more than one occasion this week. I feel old.

I need to do a challenge. Get off my ass. Thanks, writing this helped!


  1. Have you been taking vitamins?? And eat bananas for your soreness.

  2. man girl I LOV U!! LOL TELL it like it is, im that way too LOL. but i did wanna ask eating 900 cal for 6 weeks u lost 30 poundss, were u able to sustain that weigtloss or did u gain back and start over?

  3. YEAH- She gained it back had LIPO and this is where she is now.

    Or, she gained it back and did her REAL diet which she's keeping a secret and not telling one.

    When will you people stop asking her dumb questions? DONT YOU HAVE EYES?

  4. lol that pic is cute. i love challenges

  5. Awww girl I been feelin the same way! make sure you gettin enough vitamins and iron for the fatigue. If u haven't gotten your period maybe a little phil or philina (couldn't think of another girl word for phil) is on the way. Look forward to ur vids mama

  6. maybe it's the flu! someone on their facebook was just sayin that the flu sucks so bad even their skin hurts... just take good care of yourself take vitamins, lots of fluids and sleep. take care!