Thursday, March 11, 2010

FAQ- Real questions, Real Answers

I weigh ___ and I want to get to ___ by ____ date. Do you think I can?

I don't know- I'm not psychic. You can get anywhere you'd like if you work hard.

You lose a lot of weight, how much do you lose in a week?

I've been on this for 2 years and have only lost a little over 60 lbs. I need to lose big and then spend some time keeping it off. Your body needs to adjust. If I lose a lb a week for 2 years, it would've been 104 lbs by now. If I don't lose big, I lose interest, get bored, quit, etc. I only lose while on challenges, so I take advantage of the time and try to lose as much as possible.

I need help. How do I lose weight? Tell me something- ANYTHING!

LOL- see? How do you answer something like this? I have a ton of videos plus blog posts. If you really need to be spoon fed the whole step of the way, go watch those other youtubers who think they're nutritionists cause they've lost 20 lbs. The ones that tell you you're AMAZING and hold your hand the whole way. Losing weight isn't easy, just do it and get it done.

How do you lose weight in your stomach?

Our bodies are built differently, we all lose and gain in different areas. My stomach is the least of my worries. I can't control where I'm predisposed to lose or gain. It's like saying "How can I get my face to look like yours?". No one's gonna say that- I naturally have a big round face.

Really? 900 calories? That's too low for me.

You should never go from 2000 to 900 calories. That's basically starving yourself. You can ease into it. Cut 100 calories a week and you can't even tell the difference. Stay where you're comfortable. 900-2000. Doesn't really matter, but the more you eat, the more exercise you need.

What kind of exercise do you do?

Honestly, I don't do very much exercise at all until now my new Gym challenge. In the gym I just get on stuff long enough until I get bored enough to leave. If I told you I did 20 reps of this or that; would you really do it? There are tons of magazines and websites with this information. Sorry it feels like I'm dodging questions- I just don't like bullshitting people. "Well I like to run 60 mins then I'll do 10,000 crunches and 5,000 squats..." See? Just pointless, you're gonna end up doing your own thing anyway regardless of my routine.

How did you get rid of cellulite and stretch marks?

I didn't! I have tons of stretch marks, especially on my arms. I JUST recently got cellulite on my ass, but the gym has been helping.

What's the difference between you being on a challenge and being off one?

Very good question I thought. On a challenge I'm either restricting or exercising. Typically it's restricting. I don't gain it back because I don't binge once I'm off like a mad person. OMG I WAS DIETING A WEEK AND NOW IM SOOO HUNGRY SO IM GONNA EAT EVERYTHING. It's hard to get used to but you have to do everything in moderation. Phil and I have a fast food at least 2 times a week. So doesn't mean you CAN'T do some things, just expect to eat normally the next few days.

I've been water fasting and it's really hard any tips?


What kind of foods do you eat?

This is a lot like the exercise question. Really, would you go out and buy something because I told you to? I have anything, nothing special. Just count the calories and you'll be fine.

I can't think of any other- If you have anymore let me know.


  1. i bet you get tired of this. DO you think that if a person sticks to their "diet" for 2 weeks they can continue until they reach their Goal weight? just asking since you have had experience.

  2. I did have a lot of questions that resembled those. But with time, Im like fuck it. Imma do what I gotta do and in the end ur just an inspiration....Not a nutritionist/physician/trainer..... And I like that you pushed me... to grow up, do my own research and not tell me every single thing that you do...cause i might now even do that. For example, " I ran 463123 miles today"... I'd be... HELL NNO I'll walk one and eat a salad!
    So thx a lot!
    p.s. I looove ur hair

  3. LMAO. i'm telling you. You already posted in your blog how your losing the weight. People always ask silly questions like you have a magic pill that will make them transform in minutes.

  4. I'm 5'8 and was 170lbs, now I'm 120 lbs and have kept it off for 1 year...I just turned 18. THE FASTER YOU LOSE WEIGHT, THE FASTER YOU'LL GAIN WEIGHT. Sure, go ahead, lose 30lbs in 6 weeks. Have you learnt anything about nutrition? Portion controls? Of course you haven't.

    Guess I'll see you in a year trying to fit through the door because you weigh 250 POUNDS!!!


  5. ^^ Oy, the person above is not to bright. I'm sorry people keep asking dumb question all the time, it really must get on your nerves trying to deal with these people. I agree about the exercise thing and the food question. I mean your going to do exercises you like and asking about what you do wouldn't make sense because people are going to do what they feel comfortable with. Same thing with the food, there going to eat what they like and as long as they restrict the calories they will lose weight.

  6. You're not bright. That person's right.
    But 5'8 120 lbs? That's way to thin.

  7. You are so stuck up. 'i have my own life now..' 'i have other things to do' STFU. How can people be so selfish. The amount of people that have supported you, 'oh hi, i'm slightly less overweight now, so therefore I really don't have time for you fatties.'

  8. Hahaha- Classic. What do you want me to do? Suck your twat? GTFO my page.

  9. lmao@ tearsnomore you're always killin it girl!

  10. Haha this post is so funny and true. I hate when other vloggers/bloggers dish out their advice like they're talking to an obese 8 year old. The information everyone needs to lose weight is out there but what I love about you is your personality (and your inspiring before and afters). People need to realize this is your blog you can say whatever you want. This is your outlet and others are just lucky to read.