Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bikini Challenge Contest

Yay! It's the 3rd Annual Bikini Contest!

I am doing this challenge because it's everyone favorite and it's the biggest one really. Two months. April 1st-June1st. Can't join contest end of it after April 15th to make it fair.

There will be two winners and we will all get to vote on the winner.

I thought about prizes and I know it might be hoaky, but I will buy each winner $100 worth of swim wear from Victoria's Secret (wherever else they'd like). Or maybe gift card or something. But it's $100 of free swim stuff! Who doesn't want that?!


Doesn't matter how many subscribers you have.
Doesn't matter how much weight you lose.

You have to make a post at least once a week- 6 minimum.
You must have a goal weight in mind by the end of the challenge.
You MUST do body shots, not just your gorgeous faces!
Make it fun and exciting- not like my boring old videos.
I won't pick the winners, I only pick who qualifies to be voted on at the end.
Then I'll make a video letting everyone know who that is.

I know 312897124098124 will tell me their joining and only 3 will actually do these things.

SO- Prove me wrong! Are you in?

Send me a message on Youtube.

Here are the swimsuits I'm looking to get this summer:


  1. Wow, I don't think anyone has ever really done a giveaway/contest on this. hehe. This shall be interesting... I'm too afraid to show my rashes now (stupid eczema!) but I MIGHT join... so a body photo each week in a bikini starting from april 15th until june 1st?

  2. If I can get up the courage to make videos showing off my bod, I'll do it. Thanks for doing something so motivating, that's really generous of you!

  3. ahhh! i'm so excited! i can't wait to start :D

  4. Does it have to be a video post .. or can you just do photos every week ?,,,, If so then i'm down for that ...

  5. Do we have to show our faces? If not, I'm totally in!

  6. ugh, I wanna join, but I'm scared to be in a bikini on camera....ugh....fuck it, I'm joining, I'm doing my video on Sunday!!!!! ugh

  7. i would go with first one.

  8. I love them both <3 One day I'll have a VS body lol <3

  9. omg goodluck to everyone doing the contest.... i cant =[ (im prego) but ill jump on the weightloss thing in august hopefully if all goes well with the pregnancy....

    checkout my blog if youd like (^.~)>

  10. i want to do this but... Do u have to show ur face??

  11. Im so loving the swim suits!!! I love zebra print to.. I have a very long way to go to get into one of those!