Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flabby Arms

Day 5 of 14

I've been gradually decreasing my food intake and have been kicking in the extra bits of exercise here and there. Crunches or leg lifts during commercials really help your abs. However, we all know that is not my problem. The problem are the arms. I've been doing presses against the wall- whatever they are called to see if I tone these arms up a bit.

To those girls who say they won't work out their arms because they don't want to get buff- cut the shit. We all know it is NOT that easy to have buff arms. I swear Jillian Michaels does steroids and a half to get arms like that. So let's cut the girly crap cause we all know how great it looks on a woman when she has nice tone shoulders, collar, and arms. Michelle Obama and Rhianna are perfect examples of women who have tight slim arms. And they wear it well!!

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  1. naturally your arms will get smaller once you lose fat/weight... lifting light weights will tone your arms without getting too buff. i want rihanna's legs, arms and tummy... hell i just want her whole body. she looks great! perfect example.

  2. thanks so much for doing this blog.. i have been following you on youtube glad you came back..damn them to hell for suspending your account...

  3. I want arms just like the two ladies when I have reached my goal. They look so good!