Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ultimate Goal Weight Challenge

So recently on Youtube I started an Ultimate Goal Weight Challenge. Now- my scale batteries have run out and I need to go replace them before weigh in today.

I haven't gotten off to a great start. I've had Oatmeal for breakfast every morning with light sugar. Followed by a light Lunch, like a whole wheat turkey sandwich. Dinner usually is a thing of the past during a challenge. Typically if I am hungry by dinner time I have some Special K or some pieces of fruit. Eventually to get used to eating smaller portions.

Like I said in my last video, dieting is emotionally draining. Making videos on youtube have been my outlet this whole time. So maybe many people who may watch and not post videos have a slight disadvantage.

I'm not sure where I am weighing at the moment but I am hoping it's below 148. SW was 152. I have 10 days to lose 20 lbs or so. I really need to get moving.

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  1. Hey i have a suggestion for you. (this really works for me) I drink that Carnation instant breakffast stuff for two meals and i sometimes eat dinner (that is if i feel like making anything) or ill just have fruit.

    But anyways congrats on all your progress so far and good luck on the rest of your journey!!

  2. I can vouch for Instant Breakfast. Really healthy for you and is quick and tastes pretty good. Get the chocolate :).

  3. i have a huge question..
    im in a low low LOW income family..

    what if yu cant get ur hands on chicken breast??
    in other words what are good sumbstitutions??
    should i just eat vegitables for dinner...

  4. thats crazy i was born in buff new york. i lived on hertal, bird, and niagra i went to school 3.. bennet high school and i got in to performing arts for singing... my twin sisters are 18 they just moved back to new york and my older sister lisa 32 just moved to rochester so your approach...straight talk and no bs reminds me of home thnx