Saturday, July 18, 2009

Keeping it Off

It's the end of the first week and I have lost a total of 7lbs. Like I say in my videos, the first week is the easiest to lose. Now the trick is duplicating what I did and then some.

The #1 tip to losing weight and keeping it off is simple:



Weigh yourself everyday. There are people who say they don't do it because they don't want to become "obsessed" with the scale, but guess what? You need some sort of obsession with the scale if you want results to happen quickly. If you're one of those "I lose 1-2lbs a week" people- fine. Weigh yourself once a week and I'm sure you've done fine.

But not if you're trying to lose 20 in 14 days or a month even. There is nothing wrong with rapid weight loss. It is harder to maintain- but it's not impossible. Weighing yourself is the answer. Give yourself a 2-3 lbs range maybe (I do a 1-2) if you're at the same weight as yesterday, that's great! As long as you're not gaining.

Jackie Kennedy stayed between 124 and 130 her entire adult life. If she felt she was getting close to her 130 limit, she'd eat lightly for a day or two until her weight was where she wanted it to be.

Can't let yourselves gain 5, 10, 20 lbs! If you're already there, why give it all away?


  1. damn......7lbs the first week im slippin' i only lost 2lbs this week.... congrats girl....

  2. argh !
    i haven't lost anything this week. stupid bloating..
    congrats girlie =D

  3. So true! I have to weigh myself, everyday or every other day to keep myself on track! =)

  4. I think weighing yourself is part of being real about your habits and where you are at with weight loss.

  5. I need to weight myself more often. I try to everyday but no always at the same time and I think my scale is broken but i could always use my wii fit. Btw what time of the day do you normally weight yourself and girl you look a lot less then 126 pounds like you do now. Congrats on your progress. I also need to ask you something. how long in total did it take you to lose your 60 pounds. I'd really love to know that way I could set me a better goal for staring this diet fully. Or as they say it life choice.

  6. great post! Love what you wrote about jackie-o. PS, I'm a subscriber of yours on youtube.