Sunday, July 19, 2009

What to Eat?!

There are many questions concerning with what I eat day to day during my challenge. The honest truth is, I eat anything I want really. I'm not big on selecting only certain things.

When I first started my bikini challenge and lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks I was calorie counting. About 2,100 calories maintained my weight at 192 lbs. So cutting that in half, I'd have to lose something, right?

I made myself a calorie limit of about 800-900 calories a day. This may not sound like much, but it is enough. REALLY.


Exactly one cup of Raisin Bran with half a cup of Skim Milk (250 calories)
Bowl looks kinda empty huh?
That's ONE serving- deal with it!
1/2 cup of oatmeal with light sugar (Under 200 calories)


Whole wheat sandwich: 2 slices
Turkey Bologna, American Cheese and Mayo (about 320 calories)
Fruit/Cereal Bar (80)
Looks better than a burger right now~! I think the pic has guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce and bacon!
No subs or SUBWAY!

Dinner @ exactly 6pm:
1 chicken breast (any seasoning) NO SAUCES- Ketchup, BBQ, SOY etc.
Handful of frozen Veggies (30)

In TOTAL you are having about 750-900 calories. And it's enough. Not starving or just eating GREENS (boring!)


If you get hungry at any point and want some sort of snack- DON'T! Chill out on the snacks! Look what got you here in the first place! Eat at a controlled rate like this for two weeks and you get used to it. After awhile it's very filling, TOO filling.

I know it's repetitive but I did it for 6 weeks. I was a college student and didn't have time for looking up recipes and being creative and all that bullshit. I still don't have time for it now.

Oh yeah! WATER- I had 4 bottles of water a day (8 servings)
Refill water bottles as soon as they're done to save money!

I'd buy a family pack of boneless chicken breast, they're pretty thick so cut each breast in half. Season the WHOLE thing. Then individually Ziploc each piece. When you are ready to eat, grab one out the fridge and run the close bag under cold water for 2-3 minutes and you're good to go.

Premeasure the cereal. I bought tiny little containers with lids that could only hold about a cup. I lined up 7 at the beginning of every week.

You don't have to break the bank to diet or calorie count.



  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing love ;]

  2. i think you're restricting WAY too much.
    it's even recommended that you have a snack between meals like a handful of almonds or at least an apple.

    you also needed to calculate the amount of calories you can have in a day.

    the basic thing you got down, though.

    you should strive to eat the same breakfast and lunch at the same times every day. or change it per week or something each meal and snack 3 hours apart. the dinner can vary but just make sure the portions are right.

  3. oh and give yourself one small dessert a day so that you don't binge from restricting it for so long.

  4. You're going to mess your metabolism up so bad that when you're in your 30's you won't be able to lose an ounce. You'll have to continue to eat very little in order not to gain, or even maintain.

    I'm not hate'n,, I'm speaking from experience. It's better to exercise more than to restrict so much.

  5. i think ur doing great...this works for u nd thats what counts...keep it up!

  6. You remind me of me when I was in high school! I'm in so much sock about this diet cuz its exactlly what I used to do! Who gave you this diet?! Anywho, I ended up in ED rehab center for restricting so much! But I'm cure now and weighing in @ 195! I'm would do this again in a heart beat! People just don't understand how hard it is to lose weight! You go girl!

  7. I would agree with the the others 800-900 calories is way too low for anyone. Regardless of how short you are, all people should be eating at least 1200 for brain functioning alone. Eating isn't a bad thing. Eating bad things are a bad thing. Moderation is key. If anything, starving yourself will only lead to weight gain, so if you're not losing weight, that might be the reason why.

  8. I just seen your 10 minute video and your helllllla right. If you really wanna lose weight then you'll do it and you'll do it when your ready to do it. On top of that When you posted your diet, you never told people to help make it better, you just told them what you did, NOR did you enforce it, once again you just said what you did. And basically I just wanna say good job and don't worry your not immature or you don't have to be the bigger person... your just tired of unnecessary comments and I would do the same thing. Well good luck and see ya.

  9. this worked for you, and thats great. you look amazing now, but why is it that ever1 says under 1200 is startvation, yet u proved them wrong because u eat what u want LOL, can you email me i'd really like to ask sum ?'s

  10. I haven't started restricting my calorie intake by 900 calories yet. I'm working my way down and plan to lose 40 to 50 pounds starting right now until the end of summer. I'm a little afraid of getting more stretch marks because I have them badly. I can't get the whole thing of people saying 1,200 is starvation. Since when is everyone a scientist or a weight loss expect. I personally think its the way you use the calories and not every women is the same. Some can go on 900 calories some can't. Big wop. No one really knows until they try it which obviously not many have because they have heard you will go into starvation mode. I believe the body will adjust and just use the food thats taken in.


  12. Tearsnomore87,
    Been watching your videos on YouTube since March or April of 2010. I love watching your progress. Though I've not found strength in myself to lose the excess weight until now. I've finally decided I am ready to take losing weight seriously. Just woke up and said "okay, today is it." I started on Monday 1/16/12 restricting my caloric intake to about 800 a day.

    Today is Saturday 1/21/12 and I've lost 5lbs. I am on track! I will make this my own six weeks challenge to lose 30lbs. If you don't mind, I'd like to come here and post my progress weekly. Watching your videos and reading your blogs keep me motivated. Thanks!


  13. Total weight lost so far is 11.6lbs. I will be the first to admit that it should be a little more. The second week didn't go as well for me. I tend to eat more when I am at work. Work buddies go to lunch and pressure me to come along. In this upcoming week, week 3, I will decline all invites to lunch and stick with my pre-packed food instead.

    Starting Weight 207.2
    Current Weight 195.6
    Goal Weight at end of Six Weeks 175
    Ultimate Goal Weight 130
    Height 5'5


  14. That's really good I started my diet today! And I am doing about 700 to 800 calories a day due to the fact that I am only 5 foot 2inches. Are you doing any type of exercises? Or just restricting calories?

  15. Hi,

    I am late in posting update for this week. Been sick with the flu...helped with appetite suppression though. I am only restricting for now. Eventually I will add exercise in.

    This morning's weight: 192.8
    I realize I am now at the weight tearsonmypillow87 was when she decided to make a change. It's motivation. I am going to continue until I reach my ultimate goal weight.

    Total lbs lost: 14.4
    My progress spreadsheet (I am a total nerd) says I should be at 185 by now and have lost 18 lbs by now. Crap!

    Just means I gotta step it up.


  16. Sorry...error...s/b down 22lbs not 18. Not sure where I got that math from. Anyway, all is not lost, I am still down 14!


  17. That is amazing i messed up big time and decided to restart. Restart date was on the 2nd just a day delay so not that bad I am doing pretty good only about 2 more pounds to lose by the 9th. And congrats on the weight loss so far that is amazing!!!!!

    What is your UGW if you don't mind me asking?

  18. I'm actually going to try this :) Thx for the tip!! Will reply in 6 weeks :D

  19. Oh..In your videos, you said you walked 4 miles a day long with this. Did you do any other form of exercise? :D

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