Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Goal

My new goal weight is 118lbs. Mainly because I know I won't stay there and I am hoping to fall in the 120-124lbs range. 126 will be my max.

I'm currently 128, so I have exactly 10 lbs to go.

It's getting increasingly more difficult to lose. Sometimes I wish I were 180 again and be able to lose 10,15,20 lbs in a month.

People get on my case a lot but don't seem to realize I've only really lost about 15 lbs in the last year.

We can't become complacent. People say "You look fine! Why keep losing?"

Well, because I started something I want to finish.

How easy would it have been to have stopped at 140 or 150.

The reason I push myself so hard is because it becomes harder and harder to lose as you go. Plateaus, people telling you you look good, you thinking you look good and take a break and gain 5 lbs in a few weeks.

Don't start something you can't finish. Don't make promises you can't keep, especially to yourself.


  1. I feel you soooo much on this... i mean people are telling me that i look fine now on the bikini challenge...i know they mean well but it's almost discouraging... i mean we all have different goals for ourselves (AND different standards) and the point of this challenge is to try To achieve it. If every time i put a video up all i hear is "stop worrying you look good" you might as well be telling me "quit the challenge". I wont let ANYONE stop me from achieving my goal! :) (i appreciate those who encourage me though.. i love them to death lol)

  2. You go girl! Keep working hard on it and try to stay on track =] How tall are you? Reasonable weight, just don't loose all the fat! Sometimes, a girl just gotta have some curves! hehe.

  3. love the new layout. and the last sentence in this blog entry! so true! :)

  4. Hey its my first time commenting on any of your blogs etc. But this one caught my eye when u Said
    " My new goal weight is 118lbs. Mainly because I know I won't stay there" .
    Well i wanted to ask u when u said u KNOW u wont stay there, When u get to 118 lbs and ur Loveing that u made it there . What about when u get on the scale weeks later and see its goin to 119 120 , i dnt think ur goin to like the fact That the scale is even goin up and not Down when ur @ 118 lbs so wat are u goin to do then set the goal to 115lbs 105lbs then 95lbs ?????????????

  5. What was the 2nd sentence of the post? It amazes me how many people bother to comment without really reading or listening to anything she says.

    120-126 is her range.

  6. I Was askin HER a question , nothing more or less , wonderin how SHE think she's goin to feel then when she reach that goal . Am NOT tryin to be rude or anything Like i SAID ! It caught my EYE and i put MYSELF in that state and wonder how i would feel so I asked HER! Cause It made me think Wat Would I Do ?. is all .
    cause Trust am not a Hater , keep doin ur thing ma cause am a be Thank You .....

  7. I'm 5'6" and my goal is 114.5. If we stop pushing and striving towards goals, we might as well be dead. At least that's how I see it.

  8. She already said how she's going to feel and she SAID her range is 120-126. You keep insisting on asking a dumb question when it's written in plain text that she knows she'll gain and keep in her range...

    Now I see why she doesn't answer people- probably cause they always be asking her dumb ass shit.

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