Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bikram Yoga

We have a quarterly schedule change based on performance. I'm excited to see my rank tomorrow. Hopefully I am in the top 20. Its out of 150+ people and 30% of your score is senority.

We'll see! Anyway, this means I would get top pick on my new shift. Right now I do evening shifts, which makes it difficult to see Phil after he gets home from work. I'm going to go for regular 8-5 as my top choice. There's 7,8,9,10am shifts so I have a very good chance of landing one of those.

I am mostly excited because this gives me some time to do things I usually want to do when Phil's here (he's the one with a car).

YOGA- I am going to try Bikram yoga again. I used to do it a ton back in Buffalo when I first started on my weight loss journey. Once I lost 17lbs in a 3 weeks just by going. It tones you like crazy. I am excited to start, it's expensive here. I think about $20-$25 a class. But it's worth it.

Anyone up for going with me in the area? I'd go to the Columbia, MD site.

I like morning yoga, but I think I could only be able to do evening classes. My new schedule will take affect May 3rd. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

At 185 I used to be able to do this backward bend pretty well... I think I have a video of when I first learned it.


  1. Wow... I don't know what to say about this type of yoga.... very very flexible. I heard yoga hurts at first because of the stretching but it gets better later... I hope you find someone to join with you and have fun! along with getting the schedule you want to get =]

  2. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THE NEW LAY OUT OF THE PAGE IT'S SOOO CUTE AND PRETTY!! I tried regular yoga and it kicked my butt so this is somethin I'd have to work up to:)

  3. I so wanna do Bikram.
    Dunno if I can handle the heat though.

  4. I am SO not flexible! One of these days I will sign up for yoga to improve my flexibility. Although, I've heard that you can improve your flexibility simply by stretching first thing in the morning when you wake up...

  5. hi! Omg, i'm from Buffalo! And my friend wants me to try bikram yoga, i wonder i it is e same place where you went. I followyou and many other on weight loss video diary's on youtube, and you guys (esp you) are extremly inspirational. (i'm losingherfeathers). I'm at a platue right now, but i'm scared of doing this becuase of the heat invlved, but i need to do something get over this wall in front of me... what do you think??