Monday, April 5, 2010

Cheerleader Envy and BMI Charts

Ok, so last night we got some free tickets to the Wizards game. My family was visiting from Orlando for the weekend. Phil's sister's husband does their PR which is pretty awesome.

The cheerleaders- they weren't all that great but their bodies were very nice. I was majorly jealous. They were all like 5'8-5'10 and teenie. You can't really compare your body to someone else because we all lose and gain in different areas. I'm sure they all had pretty similar stats as far as height,weight, measurements, etc. But they were all different shapes, torso length, musculature.

Anyway, I was majorly jealous because they were shaking around and all and NOT JIGGLING. I want that. You could tell they work out like crazy. Well, compared to me at least. Phil said I kept staring at them. I told him I wanted implants. Which I usually half-jokingly mention from time to time.

I went from a D to a small B cup. :( AND- My boobs were perkier when I was bigger.

Here's a picture of my brother, Patrick, with one of the cheerleaders.


It has everything you need to know. It's a very thorough BMI calculator. Tells you everything you need to know- calorie intake/activity level. What lines you should and should not cross.

*** Note: The daily calorie intake on that site will never tell you to have less than 1200 calories. So if you do get 1,200, it's probably lower. So just increase your activity or decrease your calories.


  1. =/ i hate these input your info and ill tell you whats wrong with you things...
    lets see it says i have a BMI of 19.4 which is healthy but then says my body size is too small??? 0-o

    if anyone is ganna get on opinion from a website see your doctor before making any changes...

  2. Is it just me, or does that cheerleader look just like you! Lol

  3. You know how they say your, your own worse critic.. Well you definitely prove that right lol .. Honestly I think your a million times hotter then that cheerleader.. and I'm serious.. I use to cheer in high school and well lets just say we weren't the healthiness of them all but we sure knew how to fast and work out.. She does look super jacked thou . which I am Jealous for .. uh

  4. Hey this is pinklemonadetears from you tube and my boobs shrunk majorly too! I only lost like 20lbs and poof, my boobs were gone! So instead of implants, I got the miraculous push up from victoria's secret... AMAZING! Lol, it was $50 bucks but a def confidence booster!!! Either way you still look amazing! <3

  5. Of course she is fit but she is a little too much of a hard body for what I would like on myself. To each it's own. She looks great though. I won't take that from her.

  6. hmm, I wonder if my boobs will ever get smaller, I want them to. lol. Don't be jealous! To be honest, she looks jacked and I don't really like that? lol. Maybe just do toning exercise or something if you want to achieve that look... they are PAID cheerleaders right? Like models, they have to eat right and exercise a lot to maintain the body in order to keep their job.

  7. Awesome link! Thanks

  8. Haha I went to a Bulls game last month, and paid way more attn to the Luvabulls than the actual game. I was in the nosebleeds and knew I was jealous of their bodies lol [not so much dance technique though...girls on my college team
    keep rhythm better].
    And I REALLy hope I don't lose my boobs lol I like those !

  9. Thank you for that link! That's the best info I've gotten from a BMI calculator other than "you're obese."

  10. see how the cheerleader is wearing 2 different shirts ?(whatever you wanna call it) she probably has a bra.. or two.. under there as well. i seen that on MTV along time ago.. there was a chick who was a dancer and she was extremly insecure about her breasts. wearing 2 different colors along with more padded bras gives the illusion and fullness of bigger breasts. haha random but just so ya know lol

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