Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bikini Challenge Turnout


The turnout for this contest is AMAZING!!! People are popping out of the woodwork, old and new..

I'm so so so so so proud of EVERYONE who is joining AND especially those people who are making a video for the first time and it's in a BIKINI!

Way to have balls! I absolutely LOVE IT. I wore a bikini at 190 to the beach, who cares? Don't wanna look? Close your eyes. I want you all to fee comfortable and LOVE yourself no matter what. There is more to people than appearance and losing weight shouldn't be the MOST IMPORTANT thing. Although it is pretty up there for many of us, myself included.

Right now I'm trying to figure out a way to keep track of everyone's progress. Maybe a forum? Any ideas?

I'm going to keep my own chart- If you say you're in, your ass IN! And you BETTER make a video before the 15th!

I'll make a list of usernames on here and if you drop or leave the contest I'll put a big fat X, by your name. It's not too late! You still have time!!!

WORK IT! Like this girl below, she looks amazing.

One more thing you guys, DON'T workout AND have 900 calories at the same time. It's crazy. I did 900 calories in summer of 2008. But I am more active now so I eat more because I burn more. What's MOST important is that you BURN more than you eat. Please be healthy.


  1. Hey,
    How many calories would say you are eating now? or when you are going to the gym/ working out?


  2. Beautiful picture.. that girl is wrkin those heals <3

  3. i would like to join. i'm workin on making a video now, but its hard..its my first video..but i'll have it posted by the 15th for sure!

  4. I want to create a video is my bikini. I love being in my bikini, just don't usually want anyone else to see.

  5. ok so i really want to join your challenge but since i just stumbled on to your videos and the deadline to join is tomorrow, how late do i have to make this video bc i work and go to school full time so i wont be able to upload til late in the evening. my user name on YT is mspresley06

  6. My user name of YT is Multisexy84 and I posted my video right on the midnight mark,as a comment to the bikini chall vid so I hope I made it through. I've been away, so I don't have the pics and measurements etc. up yet, but I will be posting a follow up video with all that stuff. I am confused, are we suppose to post a video every week as a response video... or??

  7. Just make that girl in leopard print pale white and that's me in January. Like you I have to take 10 pound leaps and stay focused to keep it off. If not, bordom sets in. Like you too I have to weigh myself daily and stay around the 900cal range or else I don't lose. I had a nutionalist once that preached 1200 or 1800 diet and never a result. My body requires the lesser amt of calories just like some people can eat all the time and never gain weight. I was around 220 in January and am probably around 176 now. Don't have exact numbers because it's in kilos in France. You're an inspiration and I'll soon be there right behind you.